Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Unleash the full potential of your online projects with our premium Virtual Servers. Designed for speed, reliability, and scalability, our V-Servers are equipped with 100% SSD storage, ensuring lightning-fast access and uncompromised performance. Dive into a world where efficiency meets innovation, and let our robust virtual solutions propel your business to new heights.

Scalable Resources

Expand effortlessly as demand grows. Our V-Servers flex with your needs, ensuring you have the power and space you need, exactly when it's needed.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Gain dedicated server benefits at a fraction of the cost. Optimize your budget with our virtual servers and only pay for the resources you utilize.

Maximum Uptime

Reliability is non-negotiable. Our V-Servers promise very good uptime, ensuring your operations are smooth and uninterrupted around the clock.

V-Server Packages

MTN V-Server S

€ 13

per month + 19% VAT

4 vCPU-Cores


50 GB NVMe

200 Mbit/s Port

32 TB Traffic

MTN V-Server M

€ 20

per month + 19% VAT

6 vCPU-Cores


100 GB NVMe

400 Mbit/s Port

32 TB Traffic

MTN V-Server L

€ 37

per month + 19% VAT

8 vCPU-Cores


200 GB NVMe

600 Mbit/s Port

32 TB Traffic

MTN V-Server XL

€ 68

per month + 19% VAT

10 vCPU-Cores


400 GB NVMe

1 Gbit/s Port

32 TB Traffic

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